Brewin' With Ben: French Press Cold Brew with Partial Sun Blend

There is nothing more refreshing in the sweltering heat than chilled, cold brew coffee. We know that cracking open one of our cans of Partial Sun Nitro Cold Brew Coffee is super satisfying.

But if you don't have any in your fridge when you need one—don't panic! We now have another way for you to get that same tasty cold brew coffee all summer long.

Introducing Partial Sun Cold Brew Blend. The exact coffee we use in our own Partial Sun cans, this blend is naturally sweet with notes of blackberry, lime, honey, and chocolate. Created from top-scoring Colombian coffee cherries, Partial Sun gets its baked-in goodness by slow ripening under a rich canopy of shade trees.

To make a perfect cold brew coffee at home, try out our steeped Clara French Press recipe from our video. It makes a nice robust cold brew that is both smooth and refreshing! Partial Sun Blend now available online.

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