Discovering the Power Of Purpose

Discovering the Power Of Purpose


We are often asked why we got into coffee. We launched Joe Bean to build community through coffee. And although that was a great goal, it took us a little while to discover the missing piece—the power of purpose. And what better purpose than changing the world! Assembling a force of people who use their collective purchasing to uplift others has fueled our seventeen year journey.
But that road hasn't always been easy. As a bootstrapped small business, we’ve had our fair share of hurdles, with a few seasons of face-down discouragement sprinkled in. But you, our dedicated coffee drinkers, have stuck with us—faithfully enabling us to hit many milestones over the years and boosting our collective ability to do good. And now, it is our great pleasure to share another one: After a year-long process, we are officially a B Corp Certified Business!
What Does B Corp Certification Mean?
It means we are part of a bigger picture—joining with over 5,000 businesses worldwide committed to using business for good. These include some of our longtime heroes—Patagonia, Tom’s, Stumptown, Eileen Fisher, and more. Business giants that have led the way in ethical practices, inspiring entrepreneurs, such as ourselves, to strive for more. Their focus, much like ours, is on uplifting people and planet. Because of that, B Corp businesses adhere to high standards of transparency and accountability.
How Does B Corp Certification Benefit You?
It formalizes our commitment to you—ensuring you that your coffee truly comes to you in the most mindful, ethical way possible. Having an outside organization verify that our farming partners adhere to organic, sustainable practices is just one of the many ways certification is a benefit for all. It continually challenges us to fulfill our mission of Coffee That Lifts Everyone—from our farming partners to our team to you. We are thrilled to be part of the B Corp movement and look forward to all we will do together!
Kathy, Ben, and Dena
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