Sustainably Grown. Directly Sourced. Micro Roasted.


Directly sourced boutique coffees of exceptional character.


Community blended lots. Outstanding value.
Fabricator Blends are the perfect fit if you’re looking for a budget-conscious move from commercially-grown to specialty-grown coffee. The Fabricator name honors our region's rich history of innovation and quality craftsmanship. It is the worker’s specialty coffee—crafted to be an accessible, everyday coffee meant for all.

These blended lots were born out of our own on-the-ground observations. While searching out farms that produce distinct, high-end micro-lots, one thing became obvious—many coffee farmers lack the resources to produce such lots. The ability to develop a single-farm coffee has many advantages to individual farmers, including financial stability; but getting to that point is a long, uphill climb.

Forward-thinking, on-the-ground organizations are helping bridge the gap by enabling smaller farmers to work as a collective community to produce blended lots. By working together, each farmer assumes less risk while learning to develop all the right components of a high-end, micro-lot coffee farm.
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