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Tasting Notes: Plum, Rose, Mandarin Orange, Banana

Named after the struggle of restoring farmland depleted of nutrients by the previous owner, Finca El Desafio, meaning challenge, is a story of hope and restoration. Under the careful, nurturing hands of the Ureñas family, this land has been brought from destruction into a season of abundance. By slowly revitalizing the soil using biodynamic farming, they have been able to bring forth this beautiful microlot. 

Notes of plum, mandarin orange, and banana notes as well as a tantalizing rose bouquet make up this unique coffee. Known for its intense fruit flavors, this microlot is exclusively made from the unique Villa Sarchí coffee plant varietal. In addition, the full honey processing method, one Cafe Rivenśe is known to have perfected, intensifies the natural sweetness found in the coffee cherries. 

Cafe Rivenśe, run by the Ureñas family for three generations, is built around family, innovation, and quality—values our family shares as well. We appreciate all the extra efforts they put into ensuring their coffees are exceptional and that the land is kept pristine. 

“Farming is essential for the world” - Ricardo Ureña Rojas


Region Information

Country: Costa Rica
Region: Chirripó
Producer: Ureña Rojas Family
Altitude: 1,550 meters
Varietals: Villa Sarchí
Processing: Full Honey

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Watch our interview with Ricardo Ureña

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