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Don Francisco on his farm

This isn’t the first year that we’ve purchased coffee from Don Francisco. In years past, we’ve found his cup to be clean, sweet, warm, and chocolatey. However, when we cupped this year’s crop, we were blown away by the depth of fruit character, and the complexity of aromas. This lot – “the reds” – focuses on Red Caturra and Catuai picked at the peak point of ripeness. Pickers wear special color calibrated bracelets to help them determine the exact point of ideal ripeness, in addition to using a refractometer to measure sugar levels. 


We have had the pleasure of visiting his farm twice now. Located on a steep hill at 1400 meters, the landscape is ideal for coffee. Don Francisco is committed to sustainability, running his home off solar energy and using mountain spring water to wash his coffee. 


Don Francisco's farm

Region Information

Country: Nicaragua
Region: Jinotega
Farm: Don Francisco
Altitude: 1,335 meters
Varietals: Pachi, Caturra, Bourbon
Processing: Natural