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Flavor Notes: Strawberry, cherry, hazelnut, cacao

La Revuelta

What we love about this coffee is the amazing depth of character as well as the intense, deep fruit notes that burst forth in every sip. We anxiously await new harvests every year from Christian and his family, owners of La Revuelta farm,  knowing they will be consistently remarkable. And they never disappoint! 

Christian Starry on a recent visit to Joe Bean

Originally a cactus farm for natural clothing dye, La Revuelta farm has been in the Samayoa family since the 1800s. In 1995, under the leadership of Christian Starry and his dad, (pictured above on a trip to our roastery last year), coffee became their sole focus. Under their leadership, the farm has evolved into a world class, highly regarded coffee producer. As the first farm in their region to build their own wet mill; they are dedicated to producing coffee with the highest degree of quality and integrity. 

La Revuelta

Christian is also the founder of Truth Trading Company, an organization dedicated to helping fellow coffee farmers produce high quality coffee that is directly traded with roasters such as ourselves. With Christians help, many local farmers are now able to grow long-term, fully transparent trading relationships. 

We think you will love this naturally processed coffee—a bourbon varietal bursting with natural fruit flavors of strawberry and cherry combined with a subtle cacao, hazelnut undertone.

Region Information

Country: Guatemala

Region: Amatitlán

Varietals: Bourbon

Altitude: 1,450 meters

Processing: Natural

Click for our interview with Christian Starry 

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