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Congo Mapendo

Congo Mapendo

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Flavor Notes: Chocolate Bar, Apricot, Lilac, Green Apple

Our latest release from the Democratic Republic of the Congo is appropriately named Mapendo, which means “love” in Swahili. Born out of a desire to uplift people as well as create exceptional coffee, this micro-lot was put together under the watchful eye of Linda Mugaruka, Coffee Quality Director for Mighty Peace Coffee. Linda is on-the-ground working daily with local farmers to enable them to produce more abundant yields as well as flawless coffee cherries. What motivates her and the team at Mighty Peace to work tirelessly is love for the people. What springs forth from that love is exceptional coffee.


Mapendo, grown around the Lake Kivu region, is a beautiful coffee with notes of dark chocolate, apricot, green apple, and a slight floral finish. Complex and bursting with flavor, it is representative of the kind of quality cup we’ve come to really appreciate from Mighty Peace Coffee. 


About Mighty Peace Coffee

Mighty Peace Coffee, founded in 2018, is a women-and-minority-owned social impact coffee company born out of the Congolese peace movement by an international team of business leaders, coffee experts and innovators, community organizers, and human rights defenders. They innovated a new global trade model that prioritizes love of humanity and love of the planet all while promoting peace. Their approach is disrupting the status-quo coffee industry in the Congo. 

Their mission is to provide coffee connoisseurs, specialty enthusiasts, and ethical businesses with the highest quality coffee, while sharing the stories of Congolese friends and partners to inspire, educate, and end poverty, injustice, and conflict worldwide. They recognize that the power and privilege of our conscious community can end cycles of conflict and poverty, leaving a legacy we can all be proud of.


Country: Democratic Republic of the Congo
Region: South Kivu 
Producer: Mighty Peace Coffee
Processing: Washed
Altitude: 1,480 – 2,000 meters
Varietals: SL23

Watch an Interview with Mighty Peace Coffee

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