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You can't go wrong with this combination of coffees. Our two most popular blends, both the crowd pleasing Fabricator House Roast and the pleasantly flavorful Blossom Dark Roast coffees are sure to be the perfect gift for anyone on your list. Collection contains 2 (12oz) bags, one of each kind. 


Fabricator House Roast—Medium-bodied, this crowd pleasing coffee has notes of hazelnut, sweet plum, and refreshing citrus. 

Blossom Dark RoastIf you're looking for a darker roasted coffee that is not bitter, this is the one. With notes of dark chocolate, black cherry, and toffee, it has won the hearts of many a coffee drinker.


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About Our Blends—Less than 20% of all specialty coffee farmers are able to directly sell to roasters such as ourselves, but it is a critical step in building profitable businesses. A big hindrance to many is size of farm—they simply produce too small of a harvest to participate in direct trade. But our farming partners have found a way to help. By pooling their neighbor's harvests together, they create community blended micro-lots. These micro-lots are what we build our blends around. We feel great offering them to you since they are overseen for quality by our trusted partners as well as provide a vital step of growth for the smallest of coffee farmers.  


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