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Don Roger and coffee plants

It’s a surprise encore!

We have a very limited amount of this annual Joe Bean favorite from our long-time farmer friends, Don Roger and his wife Isabel, just in time for the HOLIDAYS! 

Pre-order ONLY.

All coffee will be roasted on December 19th and shipped on December 20th.

Pickup available. If you live near our roastery, just enter the coupon code PICKUP at checkout if desired. 

Fruit Symphony

A naturally processed bourbon, caturra, pachi blend, this is an incredible coffee bursting with natural fruitiness. This award-winning cup is full-bodied and packed with kiwi, strawberry and cherry notes as well as tantalizing vanilla aromas.

Unripened coffee cherriesThe Mairenas are passionate lovers of the land who tend their farm meticulously; and it shows in their verdant, perfect rows of richly laden coffee plants. They steadfastly adhere to alternative, sustainable practices in order to ensure pristine, chemical-free soil, plants, and water. Fruit Symphony is a years-in-the-making hybrid born of their extensive knowledge of plant varietals. This micro-lot is rare and inspired.

Ben Turiano visits with Don Roger

Don Roger and his wife Isabel have a special place in the heart of Joe Bean. They are loving, kind people who have graciously hosted us many times over the years. If you ever get to visit them in Nicaragua, they are very proud of their farm and love showing visitors around. In the meantime, we invite you to savor a bag of this limited coffee harvest with us.


Notes: Kiwi, Strawberry Jam, Cherry, Vanilla

Region Information

Country: Nicaragua
Region: Jinotega
Farm: Don Roger Mairena
Altitude: 1,335 meters
Varietals: Pachi, Caturra, Bourbon
Processing: Natural