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Mexico Omar Garcia Luna
Mexico Omar Garcia Luna
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Mexico Omar Garcia Luna

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Tasting Notes: Apple Butter, Almond, Coffee Blossom, Cinnamon 

Heartwarming Coffee 

Created from the unique Pluma coffee plant varietal, this micro-lot from Omar Garcia Luna is the kind of coffee you want to drink all day. Warm and inviting, it is deeply rich with notes of almond, brown sugar, vanilla, cinnamon, apple butter and a slight jasmine-floral uplifting finish.

Inspiring Generations of Coffee Farmers 

Casimiro's father (far left) wanted to see his family lifted out of poverty. But the family cattle business, with high costs and low margins, made it impossible to achieve that goal. So, he turned his attention to growing specialty coffee but had one problem—he had no coffee plants. Walking to the nearest coffee farm, a two day walk, he negotiated the purchase of a handful of Pluma Hidalgo coffee plants. Those plants were the seed of a new beginning. Over the years, his son, Casimiro (far right), grandsons, Omar and Gerson (middle) and great grandchildren have grown those initial plants into a thriving, successful coffee farm with a reputation for excellence. They have also helped many in their community do the same. Years after the infamous walk for plants, San Agustin Loxicha now has a reputation for growing exceptional coffee—such as this incredible gem! 

Red Fox Coffee—An Honest Partner 

This particular coffee has been sourced through our on-the-ground partners in Mexico- Red Fox Coffee. Over the last six years, Red Fox Coffee has worked diligently to find the most exceptional coffee growers within Oaxaca, including Omar and his family. As honest and trustworthy coffee buyers, a rarity in Oaxaca, they have consistently shown themselves to be honest partners who treat small farmers (and their coffee) with respect. This beautiful micro-lot represents years of intentional, careful work and a fruitful, new season in Oaxaca! Red Fox Coffee is devoted to building equitable and resilient supply chains that give coffee farmers a voice in the marketplace, while increasing value for roasters by delivering a unique diversity of high-quality coffees.

Country: Mexico 
Region: San Agustin Loxicha
Altitude: 1,500-1,700 meters 
Varietal: Pluma
Processing: Washed
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