Exploring Coffee Around the World: Finland

Coffee Around the World: Finland

In anticipation of summer traveling season, we've been exploring coffee cultures around the world. Next up, is the perfect place if you're a coffee lover—Finland, where it's normal to consume 4-5 cups of coffee a day. Coffee culture is so ingrained in Finland that employers are legally mandated to provide workers with at least two 10-minute coffee breaks per day. It's no surprise that Finland is one of the top coffee consuming countries in the world, with the average Finn drinking 26.4 pounds of coffee per year.

Coffee Culture in Finland

Light roasted filter coffee, or kahvi, is the drink of choice in Finland. Recent culinary trends focused on local, seasonal ingredients have shaped the burgeoning speciality coffee scene in Finland. As a result, you will see roasteries and cafes serving pour-over coffee all around Finland, especially in the capital, Helsinski. Because coffee is such an important part of every day life, the Finnish language has several words to describe the nature of the coffee you're having. Aamukahvi, päiväkahvi, and iltakahvi indicate whether you're having morning, day, or evening coffee, while matkakahvi refers to the coffee you drink while traveling.

A must-try while visiting Finland is campfire coffee, typically made using a pannu, or kettle. Be sure to enjoy it in a traditional hand-carved wooden cup, called a kuksa. (pictured above). And one last thing, if visiting friends in Finland, expect to be offered coffee, and expect lots of refills. The only polite way to decline coffee in Finland is to request only half a cup!

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