Coffee Cupping: Finca Cosita Linda - Ederleth Lozano Molina

In another cupping session with Ben, we dive into Ederleth Lozano Molina Colombian Beans!  Ederleth Lozano Molina runs a farm with her husband, son, and daughter-in-law. On their larger farm, she has set aside land reserved as her own personal lot called Finca Cosita Linda. When she first acquired the property, the land was overgrown, and filled with unhealthy coffee trees. She cleared the overgrowth, replanted the trees, and is dedicated to all biodynamic practices to maintain the plants’ health. Remotely located at a height of 1,800 meters, and situated on an extremely steep section of property, reviving this plot of land was no small undertaking. 

Ederleth’s Coffee is sourced  through Azahar Coffee, an organization that connects small, quality focused farmers from around Colombia with roasters such as ourselves. They diligently work to find the best coffees being grown in Colombia such as this one. The combination of tart and sweet notes in this coffee are perfectly balanced, showcasing Ederleth’s exceptional growing skills.

Try Ederleth Lozano Molina for yourself!

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