Mexico Santiago Yagallo

Mexico Santiago Yagallo

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Flavor Notes: Yellow plum, almond, hazelnut, dark chocolate

Traveling off the beaten path is a way of life for the founders of Red Fox Merchants. It is the only way to find exceptional coffee producers, something they have been doing since 2014. Founded with a mission to link fine coffee producers with coffee appreciators such as yourself, they consider themselves treasure hunters, endlessly searching for great coffee. They believe it is important to build bridges between neighbors and do business the right way, by respecting people. Values we know you agree with as well. 

We first started working with Red Fox Merchants in 2019, recognizing that their commitment to full transparency, sustainable sourcing, and high quality, fit our way of working. Their on-the-ground work in countries like Mexico has given coffee farmers a voice in the marketplace, enabling families to thrive.  
This particular coffee, grown by local farmers Senovio Chavez and Ubaldo Jacinto is blended from typica and bourbon plant varietals; both known for producing exceptionally sweet, quality coffee cherries. Grown in the Oaxaca region, an area known for diverse, unique climate, it is a rich coffee with an amazing depth of flavor. 
Country: Mexico 
Region: Santiago Yagallo / Oaxaca 
Producer: Senovio Chvez & Ubaldo Jacinto 
Altitude: 1,260 meters 
Varietal: Typica & Bourbon 
Processing: Washed
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