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Nectarine, plum, apple, allspice, cinnamon

San Pedro de Churuyacu, Tabacones

This coffee is sourced through the same in-country partner that we purchased last year's San Ignacio through, but comes from a different farmer. Olam is still working on establishing a strong communication line with this new organization,so I have less details than I would like. However, I think they are sourcing some really amazing coffee, and should be a strong connection in the future.

Freddy Bermeo is the owner of the 5 hectare farm in San Pedro de Churuyacu, Tabacones. The Churuyacu area has long been regarded as one of the best growing areas in Northern Peru, with a very unique cup profile.

Freddy Bermeo

Freddy is part of a large family who all have coffee farms in the area. He inherited his initial 5 hectare plot from his father, and has since acquired a further 7 hectares from neighbouring landowners. He has grown coffee for around 15 years, but since 2011 he has incrementally increased his focus on improving production and quality.

Freddy's focus on quality has lead him to compete in the 2017 Cup of Excellence, where he placed 3rd with one of his Caturra micro-lots. Besides Caturra, the farm is planted with a number of other varieties, Bourbon, Catuai and Icatu. The lot we purchased is certified organic.

Harvesting coffee 

Region Information

Country: Peru
Region: San Ignacio
Farmer: Freddy Bermeo
Sourcing Partner:
Jose Rivera at PRODUSERVIN
Altitude: 1,800 meters
Varietals: Typica(?)
Processing: Washed