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Mexico Santiago Atitlan

Mexico Santiago Atitlan

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Flavor Notes: Yellow plum, honeycrisp apple, hazelnut, raisin

Rebuilding Trust In Oaxaca 

Building trust takes time—something our friends at Red Fox Coffee knew going into Oaxaca, a region known for growing some of Mexico's best coffee. Comprised of mostly micro-farmers, the growers in Oaxaca were early adopters in creating cooperatives as well as embracing organic farming practices. However, the cooperatives were often mismanaged, taking advantage of small growers. As a result, most of them dissolved in Oaxaca making it nearly impossible for micro-farmers to sell directly.

Red Fox Coffee—An Honest Partner 

Over the last six years, Red Fox Coffee has worked diligently to rebuild trust among the Oaxaca farming community. They have consistently shown themselves to be honest buyers who treat small farmers (and their coffee) with respect.This beautiful micro-lot represents years of intentional, careful work and a fruitful, new season in Oaxaca!

Red Fox Coffee, our partners in Mexico, are devoted to building equitable and resilient supply chains that give coffee farmers a voice in the marketplace, while increasing value for roasters by delivering a unique diversity of high-quality coffees.

A Rich, Heartwarming Cup

This micro-lot is a classic, super-drinkable coffee. It is a rich, heartwarming cup to wake up to or complement your favorite fall treat. In fact, with notes of plum, raisin, hazelnut, and crisp apple, we think it is a decadent treat all by itself—like drinking a cup of warm bread pudding!

Country: Mexico 
Region: Santiago Atitlan 
Altitude: 1,400 – 1,500 meters 
Varietal: Typica & Bourbon 
Processing: Washed
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