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Raspberry, pomegranate, lime, watermelon

unripe coffee cherries

Kavutiri, one of the oldest washing stations in Kenya, was built shortly after Kenya gained independence in the 1960s. Since then, it has remained focused on quality processing and sustainability; recycling purified water drawn from the nearby Ena River as a main part of their process.

The washing station is used by over 1000 nearby farmers from the Embu, Kianjokomo, and Katuriri regions on the foothills of Mt. Kenya. After extensive sorting; cherries are depulped, fermented, washed, and then transferred to raised beds for weeks of drying in the sun.

ripe, harvested coffee cherries

This particular coffee is packed with natural fruit notes including distinct raspberry, pomegranate, lime, and macademia nut flavors. It's a deeply satisfying hot cup, as well as a perfect iced coffee option for the spring.   

Region Information

Country: Kenya
Region: Embu, Kianjokomo, and Katuriri
Producer: Kavutiri Washing Station
Altitude: 1,750 meters
Varietals: SL28
Processing: Washed