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Instant Guatemala Monte de Oro

Instant Guatemala Monte de Oro

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Specialty Instant Coffee

We’ve all been there. On the road, desperate for good coffee, but there's none to be found…and there’s no way to brew your own. We’ve got the cure. Our new line of Instant Specialty Coffees are easy to make, incredibly tasty, and compact traveling companions.

Thanks to our friends at Swift Cup who used their proprietary freeze drying process, our instant coffees’ natural flavors and complexities still come shining through. 

Each Box contains 6 packets of freeze dried coffee. To brew, mix one packet of coffee with 10 ounces of hot water.

Guatemala Monte de Oro

Finca Monte de Oro, “Mountain of Gold” in Guatemala, owned by the Melendez family, has stood for excellence and quality for over 5 generations. They have been the catalyst for building the reputation of the Acatenango Valley, where their farm is located, as a specialty coffee growing area as well as strong advocates for direct trade practices. 

Preserving the golden tastes of summer is what this coffee represents. Grown in the Acatenango Valley, it perfectly combines the crisp fruitiness of mango and peach with late summer grape flavors. The subtle warm clove spice gives a hint of the colder days of fall.

The unique microclimate found in this region of Guatemala as well as the constant eruptions from the nearby Fuego volcano bring together the perfect conditions to create coffees with depth as well as distinct fruit forward characteristics. In addition, the close proximity to the Pacific ocean brings in temperate gusts and marked seasons, unusual for Guatemala, enabling the Melendez family to sun dry their coffee cherries—baking in even more of that sweetness.

Mario Ricardo Alarcón Melendez (second from left) is the newest member of the family to run the farm, using his engineering skills to design the farm’s on-site wet mill which has improved their coffee quality even more. Mario is also the co-founder of Truth Trading Company along with Christian Starry, an independent coffee exporting company that has enabled them to direct trade with roasters such as ourselves, as well as open that opportunity up to neighboring farms.

Region Information

Country: Guatemala

Region: Acatenango 

Varietals: Caturra

Altitude: 1,530 - 1,690 meters

Processing: Natural

How to brew

Brew anytime, anywhere. 

Mix one packet of coffee with 10 ounces of hot water. It’s as simple as that. Show us where our coffee takes you by tagging @joebeanroasters on instagram. Now get out and explore.

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