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Honey Bee Sweatshirt
Honey Bee Sweatshirt
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Honey Bee Sweatshirt

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Cozy up with our Honey Bee sweatshirt and show your support of specialty coffee farmers. 

Comes in small-2XL sizes. Black, 80% cotton/20% polyester. Unisex.

Coffee and Bees- A Natural Partnership 

Our Honey Bee design was inspired by the unique relationship between coffee-farmers and honey bees. Specialty coffee plants are self-pollinating, meaning bees are not a necessary part of the plant life cycle like other crops. However, many of our forward-thinking farmers have discovered that introducing bees into the farm can more than double the yield of their coffee plants while greatly increasing the quality of that yield. In addition, they strengthen the plants ability to naturally fight common diseases like leaf rust, which can wipe out an entire crop if it spreads. Plus, it gives the farmers a sweet bonus crop— coffee blossom honey. 

So, here’s to the small but powerful bee- friend of coffee!

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