Honduras San Vicente Coffee


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12 oz | Beneficio San Vicente Gevany Lara

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The climate around Lake Yojoa is a little weird. Chilly mists float in and protect coffee cherries in the region from getting too much direct sun—extending their growing season and creating a wonderful tropical complexity. The rest of Honduras, and in fact the rest of Central America, is mostly not this way.

What this long growing season means to you is that this batch of coffee that we’re releasing on Friday is super young. It’s bright eyed and bushy tailed- full of vibrant fruit and absolutely unlike any other Honduran coffee we’ve ever tried. Even just smelling the green beans, you’re struck by the fruit characteristics in this bean. Roasted, and brewed… whew! What a coffee! Lemon and pomegranate notes are backed up by a sweet tea baseline. You’ll catch tiny notes of clove and chamomile waiting in the wings, and sometimes even a bit of nuttiness will show up to play.

The clarity of the fruits in this coffee is owed to the meticulous processing done at the Beneficio San Vincente, and the careful farming practices of Geovany Lara. The Beneficio’s chief agronomist, Arturo Paz, works closely with farmers to develop best farming practices for their unique area and it’s obvious that he and Geovany must have had a number of conversations. One sip of this beauty and you’ll be blown away by their teamwork.

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