Guatemala Cielito
Guatemala Cielito
Guatemala Cielito
Guatemala Cielito

Guatemala Cielito

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Orange, pear, malt, molasses

coffee flowers

The farm has been in the family for 35 years. Out of the five hectares that the farm is compromised of, one hectare has been completely renovated with a new coffee plantation, located in the uppermost part of the mountain. Throughout the whole farm, a natural oak forest provides shade, helping improve the cup quality as well as supporting local wildlife. Micro-lots are dried on covered raised beds, to ensure even drying at ideal temperatures. In addition, tools such as Brix meters and PH meters are used to help ensure consistent quality throughout the picking and the washing process.

Guatemala Cielito cupping

Last year, Cielito placed second in the 2018 Guatemala Regional Competition. The lot we purchased is a blend of Catuai and Bourbon, showcasing bright notes of orange and quince, with a sweet molasses back end.

We sourced this coffee through Truth Trading Company, a new in-country
partner for Joe Bean. They help connect small farmers directly with
roasters, in addition to the coffees that the owners Mario and
Christian produce themselves.

Region Information

Country: Guatemala

Region: Santa Rosa

Varietals: Catuai, Bourbon

Altitude: 1,540 - 1,710

Processing: Washed