It's new roaster install week! In order to ensure we could meet coffee needs during install, you will notice slightly extended roast dates this week.

Fight Gravity T-Shirt
Fight Gravity T-Shirt
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Load image into Gallery viewer, Fight Gravity T-Shirt

Fight Gravity T-Shirt

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Proudly wear your Fight Gravity T-shirt and show your support of our mission to fight against inequality in coffee sourcing. Comes in small-2XL sizes. Black, 100% cotton. Unisex.

Fight Gravity 

Our new Fight Gravity t-shirt was inspired by Joe Bean's core mission to break old cycles of inequality in coffee sourcing.

 Over 80% of all specialty coffee comes from small, family-run farms. Most are stuck in old cycles of poverty because they are unable to trade directly with roasters like ourselves. But we are continuously working with our farmers to create new paths of self-sufficiency for their families and  communities. 

You play a critical role in this story. By joining this movement, you empower the fight against outdated, unjust systems. Never underestimate the power of small. One bag of coffee may not seem like it can alter the world, but collectively we are changing lives!

Keep up the good fight.

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