Don Roger & Isabel's Pache Microlot
Don Roger & Isabel's Pache Microlot
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Don Roger & Isabel's Pache Microlot

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Tasting Notes: Papaya, Green Apple, Almond, Date, Caramel

This Pache microlot from Nicaraguan farmer Don Roger, a truly amazing coffee, holds an enormous amount of sentiment for our team. One of the first coffees we purchased as direct trade coffee roasters,  it is also the one we won our first national award with—a shared experience with both Gold Mountain and Don Roger. We have since all gone on to win additional national awards, but sharing that breakthrough experience together continues to give us a special bond.  

We have not had this coffee in our lineup for several years, so with much excitement and more than a little nostalgia - we are super excited to say it is back!! And even more amazing than we remember. Showcasing the farming talent of Don Roger and Isabel, this is a complex coffee layered with natural green apple crispness, sweet tropical papaya, rich dates, and nutty almonds.   

About Don Roger 

Don Roger and Isabel Mairena’s farm in Nicaragua was the first one our green buyer, Ben, had the pleasure of visiting. Characterized by meticulously kept plants and stunningly beautiful harvests, their farm became the standard by which we viewed all others. When you meet Don Roger, you quickly find out that his coffee mentor stressed the importance of two things when teaching him about coffee farming—cleanliness and responsible stewardship. Those two foundations shaped the way Don Roger and his wife, Isabel developed their farm over the last 20 years—continuously and lovingly caring for both coffee and the environment. 

Gold Mountain Coffee Growers 

Don Roger and Isabel are part of the Gold Mountain Coffee Growers, a direct trade social enterprise connecting farmers of high-cupping specialty coffee to roasters such as ourselves. 

According to Don Roger, “Meeting Ben Weiner, (founder of Gold Mountain Coffee), was the blessing from God that changed how we were able to farm and provide for our families as well as our workers.” Having Gold Mountain connect him to roasters such as ourselves has enabled Don Roger to build a successful farming business which he can pass onto his children and grandchildren, for which we are incredibly thankful, since we can’t imagine a world without Don Roger’s farm (and coffee)! 

Don Roger teaches his granddaughter about coffee farming


Country: Nicaragua

Region: Matagalpa 

Farm: Don Roger Mairena

Altitude: 1,330 meters

Varietals: Pache Colis 

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