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Drying at Cafe Rivense

Cafe Rivense, run by the Ureñas family for three generations, has built their farm around family, innovation, and quality. As one of the first coffee growers in their village, they have continued to update their production to the latest in quality standards in response to the ever evolving specialty coffee market. One such innovation is the splitting of the farm into distinct micro-lot sections based on varietal, altitude, and sun exposure allowing for the cultivation of very distinct coffee profiles.

Coffee cherries

This is our second year purchasing the micro-lot Finca Las Torres, which we have found to be consistently sweet with a nice, full body as well as a vibrant acidity. This particular lot uses a Black Honey processing method which refers to large amount of mucilage left on the bean during the de-pulping stage. The mucilage is then slowly sun-dried resulting in extra sweetness to the cup.

Brunca, Costa Rica

Cafe Rivense is located in the Brunca region, surrounding the Chirripo Mountain, the highest mountain in the country. Las Torres, meaning the towers, is named after the two towers on the farm that provide both cell reception and electricity.

The Ureñas family

Region Information

Country: Costa Rica

Region: Brunca

Farm: Cafe Rivense

Altitude: 1,550 meters

Varietals: Caturra, Red Catuai

Production Method: Black Honey