Perpetual Joy Coffee Subscription

Our CSA-style Single Origin Coffee Subscription.
Become part of a new, sustainable, global coffee network.

Why Perpetual Joy?

✓ Savings
Save an average of 15% savings off individual retail bags of Single Origin Coffees.

✓ Delivery
Never run out of coffee! You can add or skip deliveries any time.

✓ Delicious Coffees
Coffees rotate seasonally—so you're always tasting the best of the season. As a bonus, you receive exclusive access to members-only coffees throughout the year.

Getting Started is Simple

Pick the number of bags you would like to receive.
Decide how often you would like deliveries.
Tell us when you would like to start!

About our Coffee

  • Mindfully Sourced: Our team personally partners with dedicated growers, directly sourcing beans only from farms that share our commitment to quality.
  • Freshly Roasted: We roast our beans in-house, timed perfectly with the peak of each harvest, to capture the ultimate flavor and freshness.
  • Flavorful Award Winning Coffees: Our awards signify our commitment to roasting delicious Single Origin coffees!

What are our subscribers saying?

"Excellent specialty coffee and has become my go-to roaster. I appreciate how they rotate their beans. Many roasters will use out of season beans, resulting in a stale cup. The beans are always roasted evenly and to perfection." - Chris

"Dena and her team know their beans and trust their mission to bring coffee that lifts everyone. Above all, they make it their business to know their customers. I trust that my perpetual joy weekly subscription will come to my door- fresh and when I need it." -Kristen Bruneau
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Featured Roast

Our Colombia Edwin Zambrano is jus one example of the fantastic Single Origin coffees you will receive as a Perpetual Joy Subscriber. This naturally processed Colombian coffee is bursting with fruit flavors and was awarded the 2024 Good Food Award as well as a 2022 Coffee Review Score of 93!
Subscribe to Award Winning Coffees

You can also Subscribe & Save to our Blends!

While Perpetual Joy is our CSA-style subscription for Single Origin coffees, we also offer benefits for those who prefer blends!

Subscribe to receive regular deliveries of your favorite blend and save 5%.
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