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Peach, apple juice, brown sugar, chocolate chip

Horse with coffee beans

This impressive coffee comes to us through our friendship with Benjamin Paz, owner of the San Vicente dry mill in Honduras. Ben’s family has worked relentlessly over the years to help the world discover the amazing coffee farmers from all over Honduras. Their dry mill, Beneficio San Vicente is now one of the world’s most highly esteemed sources for specialty coffee with many of their farming partners dominating national and international coffee competitions.

What San Vicente does so well is enable roasters like ourselves to connect directly with smaller producers such as Benjamin Hernandez, who are growing exceptional coffee but generally lack the infrastructure and connections to trade directly with roasters.

Benjamin Hernandez

Benjamin Hernandez started planting high quality specialty coffee on his farm Rancho Orbes, located in the Comayagua region, about 15 years ago, adhering to advice from the Paz family.

This particular washed coffee comes from ripe cherries, pulped on the day of harvest, then fermented for 23 hours to help breakdown their natural sugars.

Natural notes of peach, apple juice, brown sugar, and chocolate chip make this a perfect combination of both fruity and chocolatey in one cup.  

Region Information

Country: Honduras
Region: Comayagua
Producer: Benjamin Hernandez
Altitude: 1,750 meters
Varietals: Lempira
Processing: Washed

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