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Flavor Notes: Sugar Cookie, Chamomile, Pear, Cinnamon

A labor of love and restoration, Finca La Union was acquired by Javier Rivas, a second generation coffee farmer, in 2017. In disrepair, with coffee plants that were unmanaged and unproductive; Javier decided to replant the entire farm. He chose to focus on high scoring, high producing plant varietals such as Pacamara—known for its distinctive creamy, spicy, and stone fruit characteristics.

Although they did begin producing harvests in 2019, it wasn’t until this coffee harvest that La Union completely oversaw the entire process for their coffee—from harvest to processing to directly selling. This is their first harvest directly sold outside of Guatemala—and we are absolutely thrilled to have it!

Guatemala boasts over 360 different microclimates, so the conditions on each farm vary wildly which means a wide range of flavors and characteristics. And this one is certainly evidence of that. We refer to it as the “snickerdoodle cookie” cup since it is creamy and sweet, with slight notes of cinnamon, vanilla, and pear.


This coffee was directly sourced through Guat Lab by Truth Trading Company, an organization that helps coffee roasters like us connect with quality driven small, coffee farmers. 

Region Information

Country: Guatemala

Region: Huehuetenango

Varietals: Pacamara

Altitude: 1,780-1,900 meters

Processing: Washed

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