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A refined twist on a classic favorite. Notes of bergamot and freesia add character to a delightful little berries and cream number from the “Original”  Misty Valley washing station.

The Misty Valley station has a long and prestigious history of producing amazing coffees. They process heirloom varietals from 700 micro-farms in the area, all around 1,900 masl. This washing station has played a huge role in the turnaround of public opinion when it comes to natural processing.  Thanks to their diligent practices, they’ve shown us that natural processing is absolutely worth the work it takes to do correctly.  In this year’s Grade 1 lot, the process brings out an astounding strawberry characteristic that is supported by lush floral and cream notes.  We dig it. Pretty sure you will too.

Ethiopia Aricha 

Region Information

Country: Ethiopia

Region: Yirgacheffe

Altitude: 1,900 meters

Processing: Natural