Burundi Nkanda Procasta
Burundi Nkanda Procasta
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Burundi Nkanda Procasta

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Burundian couple Pierre Nzeyimana and Léoncie Minani founded the Nkanda Procasta washing station with the goal to help improve the lives of their family and neighbors by providing a consistent method to bring small, traceable micro-lots to market. Over the years, the washing station, located in northern Burundi, has grown their reach and now enables over 2000 smallholder farms to produce and sell high quality coffee. They have also sponsored numerous infrastructure projects in the region such as building bridges and safe roads for better coffee transportation as well as subsidizing fertilizer and other such farm improvements. 

Along with their three sons, Pierre and Léoncie work tirelessly to bring coffee from neighboring farms to their mill where cherries are carefully sorted prior to being pulped and washed. Once washed, the coffee is then dried on raised beds before being exported. 

This particular coffee is bourbon varietal, grown at high altitudes between 1700 - 1950 meters and has distinct chocolate, pomegranate, blackberry and honey notes. It is a great late spring, early summer choice for both hot and cold brewed coffee. 


Country: Burundi
Region: Ngozi Province 
Producer: Nkanda Procasta Washing Station 
Altitude: 1,700-1,950 meters 
Varietal: Bourbon
Processing: Washed

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